Much of my journalistic career has been spent in Berlin with Germany’s international broadcaster DW-TV (Deutsche Welle), where I continue to serve as a political correspondent, moderator and news anchor. Additional TV credits include hundreds of live newscasts as an anchor at CNN International.

» Current affairs

I spend a week each month with DW as a live reporter and political analyst. I also serve one weekend each month (10 editions) on the anchor desk of its flagship news program Journal. For nearly a decade (through 2011) I co-hosted the broadcaster's international discussion program Quadriga.  Occasionally I guest-host DW's current affairs programs People and Politics and European Journal (Brussels).

» Background

A seasoned live reporter and political analyst, I've covered the gamut of "hard" news stories in Germany since 1990 and kept track of cultural developments along the way. I have chronicled German reunification and witnessed the EU's eastward enlargement, experiencing critical phases of European political and economic history. I've provided analysis (mainly live) of national and European elections under three German chancellors, interviewed an array of international political leaders and attended key EU and global summits.

» Selected field assignments

G8 Summit, Deauville - 2011

German presidential election - 2010

UN Climate Change Conference (COP 15), Copenhagen - 2009

Obama and Merkel at Buchenwald Memorial - 2009

UN Climate Change Conference (COP 14), Poznań - 2008

G8 Summit, Heiligendamm - 2007

Pope Benedict's homecoming, Bavaria - 2006

60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz - 2005

Hostage takings, Berlin - 2002-03

German federal election, 2002

The flooding of Dresden - 2002

Concorde crash, Paris - 2000

German trade mission to China - 1998

• Anti-nuclear protests, Gorleben - 1997

» Business

A significant part of my broadcasting experience has revolved around German business and economic issues. (Interests: social market economics, international trade, FDI.) In the late 1990s I presented over 150 editions of DW-tv's weekly business program Made in Germany  (frequent location work, special in Shanghai). 

» Interviews

I have conducted televised interviews (face-to-face or via satellite) with hundreds of newsmakers/correspondents in dozens of countries around the world. My interlocutors have included government leaders, peace negotiators, global CEOs and scientific pioneers. 


My radio experience spans three decades and includes reporting, analysis, moderation and commentary. In the 1990s I reported extensively from Germany for American public radio's Marketplace. Since 2000 I have provided spot news coverage for various outlets including CBS Network Radio. Occasionally I have delivered commentaries in German for Deutschlandfunk.

Listeners in Berlin have heard me regularly on NPR Worldwide which airs an audio version of DW-TV's Quadriga. During the past two years (since 2010) I have been heard on BBC World Service, World Radio Switzerland, Deutsche Welle Radio and Canada's CBC

My first live broadcast originated at WSOE (Elon College). I later hosted classical and late-night jazz programs for NPR affiliate WFDD (Winston-Salem). In Berlin I hosted daily and weekly shows on JAM-FM (1993-94) and had the rare honor of sitting in for broadcast legend Mark White at Radio JFK.


Extensive non-fiction voiceover experience.

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